Top 72 Actionable Ways To Get Real Followers On Instagram

Do you want more followers on Instagram? So you come to the right place.

Hi friends, my name is Shubham. Today, I am going to share with you "How to get followers on Instagram for free."

Today, Instagram become a most popular social site on the earth. This site is proving a good way to become any brand popular. Most celebrities use it to get popularity, even kids use Instagram just for fun. 

It has more than 1 billion monthly active users around the world. Even the number of daily active users is 500 million and the number of daily sharing stories is 400 million. This largest moment sharing platform was founded in October 2010. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram.

According to the 2014 Forester study, the average Instagram engagement level is higher 58 times than on Facebook. 

According to Omnicoreagency study (2017), Instagram has been running more than 25 million businesses. More than 32% of all Internet users are on Instagram. Hence this platform might be a big opportunity to become your brand so popular. 

Table Of Content

  • Make Your Profile Good Looking
  • Hashtags
  • Content Caption Matter
  • Engaging With People
  •  Exchange Shoutouts For Shoutouts
  • Content matter
  • Image Impact
  • Use Tools
  • Give A Direction To Your Account
  • Draw attention

  • Step By Step Guide To Get More Followers On Instagram.

    Make Your Profile Good Looking

    When somebody follows us, so he/she check our profile. If you have designed your profile good looking, so increase the chances to get followed. There are some tips to make your profile good looking:

    1. First, tell your followers who you are. And give them a clear reason and vision of why they follow you

    Write about your work at the starting of the bio. 

    Tell people in the bio section who you are and what you provide. Make your bio short and informative. Make your slogan easy readable so that your profile visitors feel happy to follow you.

    2. Make your username recognizable and easily searchable. 

    Sometimes people don't identify your profile cause of irrelevant username. 

    Take your business/own name for Instagram username. If your business name is already taken, so try keeping your business name as the first part of your username so that searcher people easily understand this is your profile.

    For example, the Indian blogging website Shoutmeloud uses the username @shoutmeloudcom.

    3. Keep the same username on all social sites

    So that other social profile fans easily find you in any social sites.

    4. Let your profile publicly. 

    Sometimes it goes a big issue. If you have a private profile, so make it public through profile option. Otherwise, you will be losing the chances of making images go viral, and getting potential followers.

    5. Choose the same profile photo on all social sites and blog 

    So that people can easily understand this is your profile. 

    6. Add your website link if you have a website. 

    You can get more engagement with your followers and even you can also bring subscribers to your website.

    Your profile link makes a strong trust to anybody. If you don't have a website, so use a link of another social account. You can add your website about us page link also. 

    So that people easily recognize you. You can also promote the latest article by your Instagram account, but Instagram gives you one link, so take advantage of it. For example "Check out my latest article" get the link in the bio.

    7. Enable notifications whereby you being updated. 

    When your follower comment and shares your photo, then give thanks and appreciate them.

    8. Connect your Instagram account with Facebook and Twitter so that your post will be automatically publishing to those accounts. 

    This will help you to save time. You will be publishing a post with one process. 


    Hashtags are the main part of every Insta post. That helps you to get views from outside of your profile. Inside of this, it might also increase any post likes. According to Agorapulse research, Instagram posts with hashtags increase likes by 70%. 

    1. Keep smartly dedicated hashtag.

    Always keep hashtags relevant, but clickable. It is a very helpful aspect to increase Instagram followers if we use it in the right way so it will be proving like a boon.

    For example, if any company name is Tamba Care they provide health care services, but if that company uses #Tambacare hashtag in its post, so definitely this will not be getting any results because anybody doesn't use/search #Tambacare. 

    Instead of this, they can use #health, #fitness, #healthcare, etc., which people use/search. 

    2. Use Relevant Hashtags.

    When someone uses a bunch of hashtags, but those aren't relevant, so people ignore its posts and photos just seen in hashtag's result pages. Because their post isn't relevant to what they are seeking.

    For example, you offered a pet's care posts on your Instagram profile, but you're using #money hashtag, so people will be ignoring your post because your post isn't relevant to their query.

    Some people use irrelevant hashtags to increase the number of hashtags. If people direct ignore you, so Instagram will smartly hide your post from hashtag results. Whereby your post won't show on the top grid. 

    You can easily get the list of relevant hashtags. First search your main hashtag by search box followed by you can see the list of relevant posts.

    Now, open any relevant post and use hashtags by those posts. If that post has unrelated hashtags, so ignore it.

    Inside of this, you can find relevant hashtags by Instagram itself. Open the Instagram app and search #Your-hashtag and now, Instagram shows you relevant hashtags in the upper side area or below to search box.

    3. Use More And More Hashtags.

    A hashtag is a very important part when we consider about to get more like and follow. When we use more and more hashtags, then increase the chances of getting follow.

    The more number of using hashtags increases the chances of individuals' number who will get our post.

    If we use just 1 or 2 hashtags, so our post will get reach too few people, but our mission is spread out the post to more and more people so that the chances of getting follow are increasing. Much numbers of using hashtag also increase click-through action number. 

    4. Promote Your Dedicated Hashtags

    If you want to create a hashtag for your brand, so you might make a hashtag like #Your-Brand-Name. But nobody knows about it. And people won't search and use it in their post.

    This hashtag is in your profile only, so this time you need to promote your dedicated hashtag by many offline/online campaign. Don't just hope people will use and find it.

    Use this hashtag on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and an interview, so that people will know the awareness of your dedicated hashtag and they could use it too in their post.

    If you are on radio and T.V., so promote it.

    5. Use Hashtags Below The Caption

    We make the caption to make our post interesting, but sometimes we get more hungry to use hashtags why this our post doesn't get users engagement.

    When it comes about to write a post's caption, use hashtags below the story and telling part of your story, but consider in mind it should look natural like we are staying in #US. Here, you are using a hashtag and it looks natural. 

    People read your caption and don't read hashtags, so make your story wisely and don't be boring. Get creative your caption use hashtags below the story.

    6. Use Some Unique Hashtags

    When an Instagram newbie player posts a photo of a bicycle, so he uses a #bicycle hashtag, but unfortunately millions of posts already exist with this hashtag, whereby your post would be going down and down.

    You can use more hashtags like #Fromwhereride, and #Enjoyingbicycleride, etc. 

    I think you should use both types of hashtags to get your post go viral. If you are using the most popular hashtags, so you have more chances for getting your post at the top post grid area. 

    7. Participate In Massively Popular Conservation

    When you post a photo, so you use relevant hashtags. It should be. But use some (less than 4) other trending hashtags like #fff (Follow for follow), #LFL (Like for like), #instagood, and #Photooftheday etc.

    By the trending hashtags, you come in front of more people. You need both hashtags to make your photo as the top position. 

    8. Put Hashtags In Your Comments. 

    It's an optional way for using hashtags, Instagram hashtags limit is pretty awesome to grow your followers. Many people feel awkward to use hashtags in the caption, it will be useful for them. 

    But I will suggest you try to use hashtags in your caption. Because hashtags in the caption work better than using in comments.
    You can use some missing hashtags by your comment. It's a good way to use hashtags outside of the caption. But consider in mind don't be hungry for using more and more hashtags. 

    9. Include As Many Popular Hashtags.

    Hashtags are the main part to spread out our post to many people. If we are using too many unpopular hashtags, so post can't get more views. And you will be crossed hashtags limit for few views.

    Content Caption Matter

    The caption is the most important part when we think about Instagram. Taking and posting the perfect picture can grab someone's attention, but your caption will give them a sense of direction. 

    Inside of this, a delightful caption is also helpful to drive more engagement and getting more loyal followers.

    1. Write A Delightful Caption (That interact audience and don't be boring)

    Make a just fine photo or video isn't well. People read your caption inside of photo or video.

    If you write it delightful, so you could get more likes, shares, comments, and even attract the audience to your brand. 

    A worthy caption could make your content more shareable, even humanizing your brand, thereby your post getting more shares and even spread your post outside of Instagram.

    When you write a caption, so remember in mind it should be interesting, and short. Don't be boring.

    2. Ask Questions In The Caption Of Your Photo

    It's a good way to engage with followers. When You ask a question, so people like and comment on your photo. By this Instagram bring up your post on hashtag results. 

    3. Use Emojis

    Emojis is a very useful part to tell your feelings even without words. It makes your story so interesting and attractive.

    Today, many people use it to make their story so good. Emojis have also been proven to lead higher post engagement and also lead up to 47.7% more interaction. According to a study from social media analytics firm Quintly, 57% of Instagram's profiles are using emojis.

    It increases your post's engagement if we use it in the right way. According to Adweek study, adding emojis in your caption often leads to grabbing higher rate of engagement.

    4. Use Geotagging

    It might be helpful to you, especially when you are promoting your local business. You post a photo with your filled location, so other users (who posted a photo on that location) might see your post and also their viewer might see your post on that location's page. 

    It might be good to catch the attention of people from where you are. 

    It also helps in getting engagement. According to Quicksprout research, location tagging drives engagement.
    The pro tip is- Don't write location at the caption. Some people write their location in the caption, whereby their message could have been lost in the shuffle. And they lost valuable space that could drive more engagement. 

    Keep your location out of the caption, and tag it instead.

    Engaging With People

    1. Reshare your followers' images, when they tag/mention your channel/product.

    You can encourage your followers to tag/mention you. When you share your follower's post (In which they mention your brand), whereby other followers encourage.

    They can tag/mention your post with hope- if they tag/mention your brand so you might be exposing their profile with your audience. Especially if they have just a few followers.

    2. Like A Bunch Of Related Photos

    This is an easy way to get followed. Inside of this, you can increase your followers very early.

    If you will like many photos, so some of the people will visit your profile and you have the opportunity to get a follow.  

    If you want to increase your followers immediately try this way. Every day like tons of photos whereby photo posters follow you in return. 

    I would suggest you search for relevant people and like those photos. For example, if you are a travel blogger, so search for #loss-Angeles, #Iceland, #Travel, etc., and start liking the photos. Once you start liking the photos, so other people could follow you in return. 

    Neil Patel has used this strategy and concluded that he did 100 likes from random pictures and he got 6.1 more followers and 21.7 likes on his photos.

    If you have a shortage of time, use any one tools like Tagscout, this tool automates the process of liking random pictures.

    3. Comment On Pics With A Like

    We knew in above "like to related photos increase our followers", but this trick is getting old, many people ignore it so you can make a good comment on those pics so that comment getter people be impressed with your comment and be compelled to follow you.

    Just say something nice about the pic, "I really love what you're on here! Keep it up." or "Very helpful information I like it," or "Awesome information you have shared, I like your stuff so much, thanks to share with us."

    4. Follow And Interact with Other Users.

    It's a natural way to draw attention to your own account. When you follow other people, so they might give you follow back. But some see your profile's post quality. Hence, you should increase the number of quality post. 

    Start following relevant people like if you are a blogger, so follow other bloggers. You can make a more strong relationship by giving a like, and comment recent post of people who you are following. Whereby you catch their eye attention, and they might see your profile and start following you.

    But I won't suggest you follow everyone. Follow just who have good content, and provide interesting posts, and don't spam. Your profile visitors might check out, who you are following. So follow someone carefully. 

    Inside of this, you might catch good ideas from your following people.

    5. Cross-Promote with users who have a similar account

    This way build up your true audience. You can get the audience through another account as fast as possible. 

    First, find similar accounts and build a strong relationship with them (That should have a similar audience). You ask them to do a cross-promotion for both accounts.

    Give a link in caption like @Knowledgers, whereby both account audience will know you and them. So it might be a worth keep your profile within the caption.

    Another account audience might give you a follow, cause you are providing similar information.

    6. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

    Some Instagram influencers who make a profile just a few weeks ago and who have been increasing their followers speedily. We should learn from them. What did they do differently?

    They joined Instagram engagement groups. The advance tip is, like and comment on those group posts, so that most group members engage with you. They can follow if you are catching their attention. 

    The aim of these groups is to reach your profile to more people.

    7. Engage People Who Follow Similar Brand

    You can increase true followers in this way. First, you need to find out people who follow a similar brand.

    But always consider your competitors should be maximum 10,000 followers. Because the big brand has more loyal followers, you need to find out less loyal followers. 

    Go to the small influencers in your niche and follow their followers or like and comment on his/her pics.

    When they come to your profile, so they could follow you, cause you provide related service what they follow. If they like what you are offering, so they could follow you.

    8. Hold A Contest On Instagram

    This trick is workable if you have more than 5,000 active followers. Create a contest for your followers and ask people to give a comment and like, in order to enter this contest.

    When your most active followers will intensely like and comment on your post. Whereby Instagram get the signals and might be showing your post to more people.

    9. Search And Follow People Who Use Importunity Hashtags Like #Followme

    Follow people who are using importunity hashtags like #likeforlike, #followforfollow, and #followme, etc., some people would follow you back in return. 

    10. Tag Photos To Relevant People

    When you tag a photo to someone, so your photo show on them feed. Whereby your photo gets more likes, it pushes you up on Insta algorithm. Even their follower might be impressed with your post. 

    The advance tip is tag photo who have more than 500 followers. If your post is relevant and usable to them, so they could approve and share it. 

    11. Promote your account to email subscribers.

    If you have a website, so you can get followers by your email subscribers. By this process, you will be making a more strong relationship with your website readers.

    First, make a good quality image (That should be relevant to your business) and link your Instagram account, write a delightful story about that topic and send this image to your email subscribers. 

    Important note- Be remember you are providing information or invitation, don't be spam by sending just link and image. It should look professional and polite. 

    When they get your post then they could also follow you on Instagram.

    Inside of this, you can just send them an invitation to follow you on Instagram. For example, Hi we are also on Instagram. You can follow us to keep up to date. We are daily offering good contents on Instagram. You can follow via the given link below. Thanks in advance.

    12. Establish A Network With Relevant Influencers.

    Find pinpoint users and leave thoughtful comments on their post. First, search hashtag that relevant to your business and after that you will see too many relevant posts.

    I recommend you join the most recent grid area and don't go top post area.

    Comments thoughtful things on those photos. Most will visit your profile and follow you.

    13. Ask Questions From Viewers

    Ask your brand growth suggestion from your followers. By this, you get your followers' need and implement it on your brand. 

    When your followers suggest you, so appreciate them and like their comments.

    They might give you some valuable insights that could be proven good to grow your account and you might take further advantage of it.

    14. Interact With Existing Followers

    If you have built more than 1,000 followers, and still you focus on building new followers and don't interact with your existing followers, so they might unfollow you.

    For increasing loyal followers, you need to build new followers with interact with existing.

    Periodically hold a contest, give away, ask questions and feedbacks. Whereby they interact with your brand. Always build a strong relationship with your followers.

    15. Tag Posts To Relevant People

    Tagging posts to relevant people increase your post's visibility outside of your account. When you tag an post to someone, so your post show at their profile.

    Whereby their followers also see your post. You may grab their attention and follow if your post is tempting.

    The pro tip is tag photo to relevant people, cause their followers like what you provide.

    Exchange Shoutouts For Shoutouts

    Instagram's shoutout for shoutout is a process while someone user is looking someone to trade mentions with their followers, he/she seek to mention by them in return. By this process, both parties involved get exposure to each other's followers base. 

    It will help both parties to increase followers.

    Below are listed some helpful tips to exchange shoutouts-

    a. Look influencer who post similar content.
    For example, you provide cooking post and you shout out a user who provides sport's post. When they mention you, but you will get a few followers or either zero, because their followers don't want cooking post.

    b. Find people who have a similar number of audience.
    If you ask someone to a shoutout and who have 5K followers, but you have just 250 followers. Then they would not want to mention you, even they write "shoutout for shoutout" ad on their profile.

    You need to look at people who have similar followers than you. They easily admit to mentioning you.

    c. Like, comment, and follow before asking for a shoutout. 
    Do you deal with someone without knowing them? Manner matters first. The Internet has filled with a lot of spammers.

    While you asking for "shoutout for shoutout", give few likes and good comments at their images, whereby you catch their eye attention. Even follow them. It shows you are interested in their content and you are serious. 

    d. Avoid Spamming.
    Some users are very eager for it. And thus they speedily like and comment at ton's of photos, even without looking profile and don't engage with them. They waste their time and lost the chances of getting a mention. 

    They indiscreetly comment "S4S" on many posts. Whereby other people assuming spammers and avoid them.

    e. Ask people via email or Instagram direct.
    If you have engaged with other user and you have given comments, likes, and follow. Then you should ask them via email, but sometimes user didn't find an email, so you contact them via personal message. 

    Don't spam via comment box. 

    Content matter

    1. Quality Beats Quantity

    When it comes to Instagram, so quality always matters one bad photo can disrupt your account's reputation. No one wants to follow someone with thousands of pointless images of food or other random shots.

    Hence, delete all low-quality posts, when people come on your account, so they see your posts if they see a bunch of low-quality posts, so you lose some follow. 

    Hence, make your profile interesting and clickable.

    2. Develop A Foundation Of Content

    An empty profile doesn't attract to the potential new followers. When you starting out seriously engage with the community before you should have at least 50 engaging posts.

    If your profile has just 4-6 posts. And you follow and like other individuals and interact them. Then why they follow you?

    Hence you should build a foundation of contents before landing on this game.

    3. Re-post Other's Content With A Credit

    It is an easier way to post quality contents. You can't create the content regularly if you don't have time. You can repost other popular contents. So that you will be able to post regularly without losing time.

    In normally, People flagged other's popular content, but why this you have lost the chance of your post is getting viral.

    The pro tip is - take a screenshot of viral photos and use apps or software to download videos. Post these contents with the separate hashtags, but always add credit of original poster, so that they don't take an objection. 

    But consider in mind, your hashtags should be apart from original posters.

    Image Impact

    1. Make Awesome Photos

    If you will share awesome designed photos, so your photo might be at the top photo grid. 

    On Instagram, the post quality matters, but there is no mean you join photography and photo editing classes. But you can give a few hours to learn the basic skills. 

    You can learn basic of it on the Internet, or you can also use some apps or online tools to make your work easy. 

    When it comes to making a good photo. First, you need to learn basic photography. Here are some ideas that I share to improve photo quality:

    a. Use a quality camera or branded high camera smartphone. When it comes to the smartphone camera, so don't look pixel, cause many companies provide lowest price phone with a high megapixel, but they don't give you good quality of lens, camera zoom, and pixel.

    b. Focus on one subject at a time.

    c. Use natural light focus on your photos.

    d. Use flash during the day. Sometimes the sun creates a harsh shadow, so it makes your photo rubbish.

    e. Find an interesting perspective.

    f. Capture small details.

    Photo Editing skill
    Sometimes Instagram basic photo editing feature isn't fine so you can use photo editing apps or you can use software like PhotoScape, paint tools, etc., that are easy to use.

    Today, many photo editing apps available to your smartphones for free. Use these apps to make your photo more interesting. These apps are easy to use.

    2. Use Good Filter To Make Your Photo Awesome

    When you upload a photo that took from low camera quality smartphone, so everyone can say that this is a low-quality image that took from a smartphone, you can make your photo like desktop wallpaper photo by photo filters.

    By the good filter, your photo makes eye catchable. It could be worth to you. Below are listed best Instagram filters-
    - Clarendon
    - Myfair
    - Amaro
    - Lark
    - Ginghan
    - Juno
    - Walden

    According to 2013's Fortune 500 Instagram report, Mayfair is the most effective filter for Instagram.

    3. Post-Maximal Blue Colored Photo

    According to Digitaltrends, photos in which dominant blue color get 24% more likes than photos are a high concentration of red and orange.

    A good example of the blue color photo is #sky, #water, #bluebells, and #superman.

    Inside of this, bright images perform 24% better than dark images.

    4. Use Face In Your Image

    We know the human faces are powerful channels of non-verbal communication.

    According to Mashable research, images with faces received 38% more likes than those without. Hence, we should use face in our image. It could beneficial to increase likes and impact on Insta algorithm.

    Another research shows that photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments. 

    We can't ignore the power of face on social media post. Our brain is hardwired to recognize faces and interpret their extensions. 

    5. Use Light In Your Photos

    According to Fast company research, bright images get 24% more likes and comments than dark images.

    Light photo attracts more people. For example of light images, find #sunnyday, #Afternoon, etc.

    6. Use Edges And Structure In Your Photos

    According to post planner study, the more edges & structure within photos get 125% more likes. Inside of this such photos also increases comments.

    Everyone like those photos who have more edges &structure.

    Use Tools

    1. is an effective Instagram tool. This tool discovers most engaging post and important contributors. Track competitors' hashtag to compare your brand perceptions against your competitors. 

    And help you to find out which of your post most resonate with your audience, the time when your posts get most likes and comments and which hashtags trigger engagement.

    You can use this tool for Instagram analysis, optimize your content, Instagram hashtags analytics, export your data, Instagram stories & insights, track your traffic. 

    2. Later To Schedule Your Post

    It's hard to post at the correct time when our followers are getting online. If our followers are from different time zone, so there is a hitch to post an image when they online. 

    Use Later to schedule your post. This website is a key to post at right time without hitch.

    Inside of this, this platform also offers content management features like a chrome extension, which help users to search for, even re-post Instagram content, and a bulk-media uploader complete with labels and tags. 

    Right time posted content get more engagement than usually posted content.

    3. Crowdfire Analyzer

    Crowdfire is a tool who show your post effect, your followers/unfollowers stats. Inside of this, this tool also helps you to discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place.

    4. Kicksta

    This tool gains your real, relevant, and organic followers by engaging with other users through automated likes, comments, and follows. 

    In this tool you submit the accounts whose followers you wish to gain, then this tool automatically engages with their followers. This tool auto like and comment on those accounts post. 

    5. Canva

    Canva is a best free and paid tool that provide you easily infographic making service. You can make stunning infographic by this tool. 

    The special thing is Canva has available the most popular designs for free. If you are not satisfied with Canva, so you can use some alternative of it like Easil, Stencil, Crello, and Picmonkey etc.

    Give A Direction To Your Account

    1. Use Split Images

    Everyone like those profile who have split images. You may have also seen some profile and business channels who use split images. I think you may have wanted to do it by seeing them. 

    Read this guide to make split Instagram images. 

    2. Make A Clear Direction Of Your Account

    People follow you because they like your posts, but if you share a post of your personal life into your business account, so undoubtedly people won't like it.

    If you continue posting such post, so definitely they would unfollow you because your post isn't relevant to them.

    You can make a separate account for your family and friends.

    3. Start Posting

    The more you post the more followers you get. 

    Someone follows you cause he/she like your posts. If your profile has a large list of quality posts, so increase the chances to get follow from profile visitors. They follow you because you are updating regularly.

    It has one more benefit the more photo you upload, whereby the more hashtags you are using. So your one photo could come on the "top posts" section, whereby people will be seeing your post in the above area, so more people will be getting your posts.

    According to the tailwindapp research, you can almost double your follower growth rate by moving from less than one post per week to 1-6 post a week. And you can more than double your follower growth rate again by moving from 1-6 time times per week to once or more per day. 

    4. Remove Unwanted Comments

    Few indecent comments can make your image down, so do not let it. Everyone doesn't want to join such community that filled detraction and insolence comments. 

    If your photos have such types of spam comments, so delete these type of message now. 

    Don't worry, don't think your comments will diminish. Your image matter first. It'll turn it into a more inviting place for newcomers.

    5. Post Photos At Right Time

    Instagram update its algorithm any time, but it cares about how much engagement your post gets, it also cares about how quickly your post is getting the engagement.

    When you upload a post on Instagram, so your post's share or views depend on how many people are online.

    If your most followers are online, so it's a great chance to post, if your post gets quicker engagement by followers. By this Instagram get the signal your post has quality, so its algorithm will show your post to the audience and even outside "Search area."

    That means if you post the right time, whereby your post will get more traffic, more engagement, and more followers.

    Now you need to find out what is the best time to post on Instagram? According to the Coschedule table:

    a. Post a photo on Monday and Thursday at any time. This time most Instagram users could be online, but don't post between 3-4 PM because this time users do a slight deep activity. Post at 8 - 9 AM, 2 AM, and 5 PM to grab more engagement.

    b. Post the videos any day from 9 PM - 8 AM.

    Here are few study data that will give you a clear look:

    QuickSprout: Post your photos and videos during off work hours. 

    This research show work hours posted content interaction level is lower and off work hours posted content interaction level higher.

    Instagram engagement is fairly steady, but a slight increase in Munday and decrease on Sunday.

    Sprout Social: Every Instagram has unique audiences, in different time zones, so it's important to determine what is the best time to post when audience getting online.

    Wednesday and Thursday tend to drive the most engagement, while Sunday drives the least.

    6. Post Limited

    When you post at the right time, so many people would like your post. If your post gets more than 50 likes within a minute, so by this, Instagram get signals your post is interesting or relevant to people, wherever Instagram spread out your post.

    If you don't post regularly, so there is no reason people will follow you continue. But keep in mind, don't be hungry to post.

    If you more and more post in a day, so your post will be covering a large part of your follower profile whereby they could unfollow you. Hence post limited.

    2 is the perfect number of daily posted content. You can regularly post 1-5 delightful images with quality information at right time. But don't post more than 5 posts daily. 

    7. Remove Unwanted Photos Of You From Your Profile

    If someone is tagged you unwanted photos, so your follower can see tagged photo in "Photo of you" section.

    You need to remove all photo of you, but you can't remove the tagged photos from the site entirely by choosing "Edit Tags", this process takes much more time, if you have a large number of tagged photos.

    So you can hide those photos easily by choosing the photos. Go to "Option" and after "Photos of you", here you will get "hide photos" option. Click this option. Now you can hide multiple photos by one process.

    8. Edit Photo Tag Setting

    One bad content on your profile can badly hurt your value. When your followers see the photo of you that look negative, so they can unfollow you or maybe make profile visitor only in just beginning. 

    Hence, you need to change in setting, so that you have full control over tagged photos that appear on your profile. After this setting tagged photos won't show unless you approve them first. 

    9. Develop Your Own Content Style

    If you have a business account, so you need to stand out. I mean "Make photos that show your product."

    When someone searches your business account, but your profile has different - different kind of photos, so they can't recognize you. Use unique visual photo which shows your product specification like Indian beverage brand Frooti, users can easily recognize it. And It's looking awesome.

    10. Stick To A Schedule

    When we talk about the Instagram algorithm, Instagram likes those profiles who update a post daily. If you every day publish a new post at the right time, so Instagram will bring your post front of more people.

    It gives you a chance to get followed. Post regular when your most fans are getting online.

    11. Use Call To Action 

    Call to action in the Instagram post is when someone sees our post if the post is actionable so they will take an action (e.g., "Let me know what you think in the comments"). This process is called "Call to action".

    According to post planner research, those posts include words "Like" or "Comment" in somewhere at caption get more likes (89% more) and comments.

    By the Call to action, you can make a great impression into the algorithm feed, as well as help you to reach the top post area by any using hashtag.

    12. Post according to your target audience when they available.

    If you are targeting audience who are students, so you want to post that time when they are available means post after their college/school off, or at lunchtime. 

    You target any types of audience, but you post when they don't have online so your post won't get more likes, whereby your content won't hit up at algorithm feed.

    Below are listed users online times for different types of audience. This is an estimation. It's not exigent all people will be online at this time. 

    1. Students- 3-6 P.M. for school students, and 1-2 P.M. for college students.

    2. Employers - At early morning (6 A.M.), at lunchtime (Common lunch time is 3-4 P.M.), and after their work off.

    3. Housewives- Most housewives are online at 4-6 P.M. and after 10 P.M. 

    4. Night Workers- 6 to 8 P.M. 

    Note- you should post according to your followers country time zone. 

    13. Be Authentic

    There are so many people filled on the Internet. Some are reliable, some are scam artists. Hence, everyone like an honest and open brand.

    Authentication is a long-lasting way to get your followers reliance. Some brands on Instagram are spam, so whereby they lost their followers reliance.

    If you want to work for a long time, so accept your mistakes and don't pretend to people that you are not. Always be truthful and sincere with your audience.

    By this, make a strong trust with your audience. And they remain your follower until a long time. 

    Draw attention

    1. Connect Your Facebook With Instagram

    More than 20% of all users of Instagram are also on Facebook.

    Instagram and Facebook both are pretty intelligent if you create an account on Instagram and link it with Facebook, so your all Facebook friends get notified. Thus, aware of your presence to your friends on these two social media channels together.

    When I was connected my Facebook with the Instagram profile, whereby I increased more than 25 followers, but this was my profile. If you have a large list of Facebook friends or fans, so you can increase more followers than me.

    Inside of this, when you connect, then Instagram show your Instagram profile to your Facebook friend's Instagram profile, in "Suggestion for you" section.

    2. Invite Your Friends On Instagram.

    This is a quick way to increase followers. By this trick, you could gain more than 100 followers, but it depends on your friend list.

    Invite your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, and phone contact list etc.

    3. Use Instagram Posts In Blog Posts

    This is a long-term way to get followers if you have a blog or website. You can use Instagram photos in your blog posts. So that your website readers know your Instagram presence. And they could follow you.

    To show your Instagram post in the blog post, first, go to the Instagram website or App and select any of your posts. Now click on (...) and after click embed option. Now copy all code and paste it on your blog post HTML section.

    You can convert your blog readers to followers in this way. Whereby they would more engage with you. 

    4. Promote Your Account On Other Social Sites

    This is a great way to increase followers very fast. If you have a big number of followers on other social sites, so invite your followers on Instagram. 

    They are already your followers, so undoubtedly they will follow you.

    You can create a photo and give credit for your Instagram profile. Now share this photo on other social sites or you can directly give invitation by the message or status update.

    5. Follow Suggested Users

    Instagram show relevant people by suggested users. Follow your suggested users, cause they are relevant to you and they could follow you back.

    To check your suggested users- go into your setting and click the gear icon in the upper right of your screen. Click 'Find and invite friends', and then 'Suggested users'.

    6. Ask People To Mention you

    If you sell a product, so ask customers to mention you or tag your product. I know people can't easily tag or mention you.

    You can make it interesting by holding a contest. In your product and advertisement, ask people to take a photo with the product, tag and mention this photo.

    Through this contest, many people come to your profile and follow you.

    7. Use Paid Instagram/Facebook Advertising

    I know it cost you, but this way is perfect to draw the exact type of followers you want to your channel. According to Forrestor, Instagram is the king of social media with a 4.21% engagement rate.

    While Facebook and Twitter combined barely reach a 0.10% engagement rate.

    Another study from Forrest ads, Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per followers than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per followers than twitter.

    Another benefit of advertising, you can target by key demographic information like gender, age, and location. Whereby you will be more able to understand who your audience really is, where they're coming from, what content they like.

    8. Social Listening By Hootsuite

    Use a tool that informs you about where you're being mentioned, and what is being said about your channel within your community. 

    Hootsuite informs you all about it. And also provide information about what people are saying about your content as feedback. 

    Conclusion - You have read the top 72 actionable ways to get real followers on Instagram. If you follow all given tips so you can hit 1,000 followers in just a week. Did you like our written article? If you have any doubt and suggestion so feel free to comment below. 

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