(24 Actionable Ways) Score 100% On Google PageSpeed Insights

Table of content:

1. Why You Should Care About Page Speed?

2. How To Check Your Desktop And Mobile Site Speed?

3. 22 Ways To Land A Perfect PageSpeed Score

I know you have a website and you want to rank up on Google to expanding your business.

You spend days laboring over the design weeks in production, and countless hours to edit the design (Or systematic design).

 But sometimes you do big mistakes such as your website loading time is up to 3 seconds. If your page loading time is higher, people will bounce your page. You need to optimize site speed and achieve a 100% score on Google Page Speed Insights.


"Google only loves you, when everyone else loves you first. If your page load time is higher, so people leave your webpage whereby cause increase your bounce rate."

Google has publicly confirmed that they use your site's loading speed as a ranking factor. It could a cause of deficits SERP (Search engine result pages) value to any web page.

Google wants such website their loading time is scanty along they have an excellent bounce rate like 16% to 40%.

Do you know the cause of copious page's loading time (means up to 4 seconds) people bounce webpage? That means if you have a useful product or information, but page loading is so high, so people will bounce you undoubtedly.

You can maintain your page's loading time through some customization. And your site will rank up on Google like a rocket.

Some people think that Google rewards you for having a fast loading website, but that's simply not true, it's depending on your content's quality.

But Google penalizes slow loading websites mean if your site speed is so slow, so Google can penalize you.

Why You Should Care About Page Speed?

Google's number one job is to give their users the best result for a given search. But everyone hates slow loading website and loves fast loading website, so simply make the website so faster.

Backlinko study found that site speed matters for ranking. This study, based on Alexa data, analyzes one million search engine results, pages who load fast are ranked higher in Google search result than slow loading pages. There are means you should care about page loading.

Below given a ranking chart for average Google position with load time.


We know that with the help of this backlinko study chart, fast loading pages are getting top rank on Google than slow loading pages.

Inside of this, slow loading pages kill conservation in just beginning. Backlinko found that users bounce slow loading pages before beginning. Below given backlinko study chart for people bounce rate.


Means people bounce rate are depending on their site loading speed. But it's even hurt an e-commerce site revenue. 

Google said that by Google's new page speed benchmarks yet 53% mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer time than three seconds to load.

According to this Google Page Speed Benchmark for mobile users:


Google is a large source of high-quality traffic to website owners, we can't forget Google's need.

Average mobile's readers want to view an article immediately. But more than half of overall web traffic comes from mobile. It's a big trouble.

But we can't forget about mobile users, so we need to make a fast loading page.

Kissmetrics.com conducted a study of user behavior and reaction for page loading time, 40% of consumers abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. 47% consumers say they expect a website to load in two seconds or less.

We need to make a website who load with low time as much as possible, if possible to make a website who load within 1 second, so make it, but with quality contents, as quality always matters for makings a user to a subscriber.

73% of mobile Internet users say that they've encountered a website that was too slow to load. Means audience or user need the fast loaded website.

Internet users won't waste their priceless time in the online loading world. Hence, make your website faster.

If an e-commerce site who makes $100,000 per day, if that site 1-second page delay to load whereupon could be deficit potentially cost, site $2.5 million sales lost in every year.

Site's speed is hurting everyone's revenue. According to portent 2014 research with 500 sites for show e-commerce impact, faster pages make a lot more money than the slow pages. They found that when you speed up your site from two seconds to one second, your revenue per page view increase by 100%.

Means users change their mind while page takes much time to load.

Slow loading pages kill their conservation with the deficit of revenue. We can see in the above image that if people reach slow loading pages, but most people don't buy their products.

"Always faster is better. People want high speed they don't like slow pages."

So now you need to make a faster website because faster is better. Do you know 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conservation?

How To Check Your Desktop And Mobile Site Speed?

You know that slow website losing visitors in just beginning, it's killing your conversion rate. Your site needs to fix all issues that make your website slow-down.

Most sites are a slow-down cause of large the image size. I suggest you customize image in 800×500 resolution. This is perfect for all screen types.

But that's not always the case for every website.

You need to know exactly what's causing your site slow speed? And after you fix all issues that make your site slow. Your website will run with a 100% score on the Google Page Speed insight tool.

First, go to Google Page Speed insight tool and enter your website URL into the bar:

Now, as a pro tip doesn't put your homepage into this field. Instead, enter an internal page from your site that gets a lot of traffic, like a blog post or article.

You will get info on a page that lots of your visitors actually see.

Click "Analyze" and wait for a few seconds after Google will show you some errors that make your website slow.

The finished report will tell you about many errors that makes your website slow. Here's what my report looks like:


My score is 79/100. It's not great. My site needs work. It is a big trouble for me. But your site needs to take care of all elements to hit 100% on the PageSpeed Insight tool.

So that your site will perform 100% on page speed insight tool and your organic traffic will increase like a rocket.

Now you can customize all useless errors that make your site down. Next, we should test our mobile site separately.

You can use the mobile site tester on the PageSpeed Insight tool, but now Google released an updated, more accurate vision of this.

Go to this link test my site with Google. Input your website URL and hit enter.

Now, this Google tool will take a few minutes to run this report. It will give you detailed about your site performance than Industry standards.

It will even tell you how many visitors you could be loosing because of a lower page speed.

My site loading time on mobile is 7 seconds, I am losing estimated 26% visitors. The recommended load time should be under three seconds or less.

That means my site need to reduce speed than according to industry standards.

This Google tool is helpful, but it has one big problem.

It doesn't measure a site's actual loading speed. Google PageSpeed Insight simply analyzes just your page's code.

You can use Gtmetrix.com for free to get a more accurate result for how much time takes two loads your pages and how much size of your page.

This tool will show you data on how your page takes a time to loads to real users, which is a much more accurate measurement show you of how your speed.

22 Ways To Land A Perfect PageSpeed Score:

Here I will explain you top 24 ways to score 100% of PageSpeed Insight tool. You can definitely increase your conservation, and decrease your bounce rate.

I have given my 100% to make this article more helpful if I am missing something, so kindly let me know in the comment section below.

These ways will definitely help you to optimize page loading time, and make your website or blog more conservative.


Step#1 Optimize Images

An Image happens only one source to describe your article in short time. It's equal to 1000 words like one man equal to an army.

The Image's quality also matters for search engine ranking. But Sometimes we use heavy images that make your page slow-down or shitty.

According to HTTP Archive survey, as of November 2016, images made up for on average 65% of a webpage total weight.

Actually, you need to customize your images size without losing its quality for ranking up on Google like a rocket.

The estimated 800 widths and 400 height image would be perfect for all screen types (That usually bloggers use).

There is no difference between different "Per Inch" in web layout for an image. Hence PPI (Pixel per inch) and DPI (Dots per inch) are not relevant to your blog or website photos quality.

But it's matters while your images will be printed. The different PPI image quality will be different.

The high PPI size increases your image size also.

Hence, you need to reduce it. For example, below given 2 same images that PPI changed you can see that image in the same quality.

Image size is 46KB and PPI is 802×250
Image size is 28KB and PPI is 500×156

But when you print them images, so difference happens to different PPI.

If you don't know about photoshop image customization, so you can use Photoscape and other free tools that are easy to use. You will reduce image size by 80% through the help of this tool.

Inside of this, you can use some WordPress plugins that make your work easier without spending time. Use WP smush Image WordPress plugin, this plugin is available for free and has tons of awesome features.

You can smush image automatically by adding this plugin. It will scan all your images that you upload to the WordPress site.

Instead of this, you can use some other popular WordPress plugins, that makes your work easy. Below are listed a few popular image optimization plugins:

- Imagify Image Optimizer

- Optimus Image Optimizer
- WP Smush
- TinyPNG

You can also use some online websites like compressor.ioOptimizilla, CompressJPEG, and TinPNG that make your work easy without investing time. This website allows you to compress your image size for free without decreasing quality.

You can reduce photo size by more than 80% in some cases without losing their quality by the help of this website.

And if you feel this is the biggest task, so you can use some Android apps that will make your work easier.

But I suggest you use Photoshop or Photoscape tool or Online website as the cause of quality.

Step#2 Specify Image Dimensions

While users' browser displays a web page it has to figure out how to layout content around images.

If browsers know what are the images size of your post, so it can make the browser work easy or it can speed up your pages.

With the help of specifying image's dimensions browser don't need to do extra work to find out the image's size to display the page.

If you are a WordPress user, so you can install Specify Image Dimensions plugin. This plugin specifies the images size to the user's browser that used in the post.

Step#3 Disable Hotlinking Of Images

What is hotlinking of images?

While another web owner uses your page image to display on his/her site, then they copy image source and use on their page.

Now that website owner displays your image (With the help of your server). This process uses the bandwidth of the original owner at their expense.

It is a big reason for stealing your bandwidth. By this stealing, your site goes slow-down. Because someone is using your bandwidth on his/her page.

Find out who is hotlinking your images and how to prevent image hotlinking in WordPress. Go to the links and follow their guide.

Step#4  Minify CSS & Javascript

Minifying your code is especially useful to interpreted languages that run over the Internet, such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Sometimes our blog template has unnecessary white spaces, characters, and comments from CSS and Javascript files that make your page slow.

It is a big cause for make page slow-down. Google tells me about it in the page speed insight tool.

Programmers often leave many spaces while designing templates and comments while coding that can be even double the size of your CSS and Javascript files.

To fix this problem, you can use some tools that will make your server clean and remove unwanted spaces, characters, and comments from your CSS and Javascript.

Below are listed some popular tools that will help you to make web clean and fast:

1. Closure tools

Closure tools is a suite of tools those developed by the Google developers. This collection includes lots of tools to help speed up your Javascript code.

Below I described some popular useful tools in the list of closure tools that will help to minify your CSS code.

a. Closure Compiler

This tool will rewrite your code, minimize dead spaces. Closure compiler will also warn you about common javascript issues.

Your code will be optimized, short (Without white spaces), and easier to maintain.

b. Closer Linter

Closure Linter checks your files for issues like missing semicolons, operator placement, and spacing, etc. This tool helps to debug to ensure your code has all the necessary elements to run.

c. Closure Stylesheets

The Closure Stylesheets will make vendor-specific stylesheet and minify a list of stylesheets.

2. CSS Minifier

CSS Minifier is a free online tool. This tool will remove the spacing, indention, new lines, and comments in your CSS code and make your code simple space free. This tool is helpful to make your page faster.

3. Minifier Tool

This tool is extremely simple and easy to use. It works like a CSS minifier tool. Minifier tool will minify both CSS and Javascript for free.

4. JSCompress

JsCompress will minify your javascript size. This tool allows you to compress and minify all of your js files by up to 80% of their original size.

5. Online Javascript/CSS Compressor

This tool will minify your CSS, HTML, and Javascript using JS2, clean CSS, and HTML minifier. It has more valuable features than other online minifier.

Inside of this optimization, if you are a WordPress user, so you can use some useful plugins that make your work much easier. Below are listed popular WordPress plugins.

1. Better WordPress Minify

Better WordPress minify is a free plugin that will combine and minify your CSS and Javascript files. This is the best plugin that speeds up your WordPress site.

2. WP Super Minify

This free plugin compresses your CSS, JS, and HTML. This plugin has some useful setting as you can use.

If you select CTRL + u, so this plugin will tell you about your file size after and before compression.

3. WP Minify Fix

This is an advanced WordPress plugin than the older plugin. You even enable compression of JS, CSS, and HTML with this free plugin.

Step# 5 Use Browser Caching

How does browser caching impact your webpage speed? If you go any website who use browser caching, so in the first time website opening, its web logo, design, and other aspects will be downloaded in the user browser cache memory.

If the user again visits any other pages of that web, so the page is as soon as open, because that web's almost design was already downloaded in user's browser cache memory.

In short words, it works like "Remembering", means the user's browser remember your web logo and design, so hence only new content (Product or Article) is loading.

By this, you can improve and decrease by 70% time. This will be proven pretty to you.

But you are a blogger user, so you can't apply it to your blog even editing your template. Because blogger doesn't give you permission for it.

If you are a WordPress user, so you can use one of them some useful plugins for browser caching purpose.

Try using W3 Total Cache to your WordPress blog. This tool has over one million active installs.

This plugin claims that you can speed up your site at least a 10x improvement by W3 Total Cache.

This tool also helps to minifying HTML, Javascript, and CSS, it will even give you up to 80% bandwidth saving.

W3 Total Cache even helps you to achieve a higher result on Google's PageSpeed tool.

You can use this tool from today to make your site so fast, and it will easy boost site speed even if you don't have coding experience.

Step#6 Delete all plugins that you don't use

Plugins are a great way to extending the feature of your site. But most bloggers have implemented many plugins on their site that don't need.

We always forget about plugins make page bulky.

Every WordPress website has at least one or two useless plugins like a Jetpack.

Inside of this, useless plugins increase the number of Http requests that cause make a shitty site.

Step#7 Implement AMP

What is AMP? In short words "Accelerated Mobile Pages".

AMP is a Google open source project that allows sites to load faster. Why AMP made? The AMP is made to provide a sensational user experience across many platforms through the optimization of mobile pages.

While users open your content, so it helps to display your content as soon as and if the image is a little large, so heavy material (Images, GIF, videos) will display after the content.

AMP optimizes the loading time for content, images, videos, and animation while it is too heavy to open on the mobile browsers or social platform, this time it helps to provide better performance and decrease page loading time.

It causes your content is as soon as open and people will not bounce your web page. If users have got your content, so they won't bounce you.

This feature streamlines the user experience on mobile with extremely effective at speeding your site and reducing the likelihood that someone will leave your page.

I have often seen AMP articles those got the highest rank on Google. You can add AMP in your WordPress site and even blogger site.

For adding AMP to your blogger site go to this link. Follow the given steps and implement on your Blogspot web.

If you are a WordPress user, so you can add AMP for WP plugin to the WordPress site.

Step#8 Put CSS at the top and JS at the bottom


You need to make the website all above areas (<head>) with CSS code. Prevent use JavaScript in the head area. Because JS (Javascript) code makes your page slow down.

While users open a page (That <head> done with JS), but they can't see that page till the page loading. They only see a white space while page loading.

Most users bounce such pages because of this problem.

According to the Google research with the help of Google developers, we can see how the load order impacts user focus:


An optimized page (Mean use CSS or advance) load happens in a more step-by-step ways, allowing a user to see some content gradually until the page loads fully.

Step#9 Enable Gzip Compression


What is Gzip compression?
Simple it converts your pages from Html to Zip format.

Whereby your page size goes the bit less such as page size is 200 KB so Gzip could make it of 20 KB.

Today's browser is too smart and the browser knows about how to convert Zip file to Html.

Hence this feature will definitely prove helpful to you.

Normal pages look like index.html, but Gzip converted pages look like index.html.zip.

What Advantage we can get by Gzip compression?

Compressing contents help with decreasing the time. It will take the page for the clients to download.

Inside of this, it saves your bandwidth, so it reduces costs!

You implement Gzip compression on your blog there is no disadvantage for your users.

To check and enable Gzip compression on a WordPress blog, so install this WordPress Plugin.

Do you want to enable this feature on your blogger website? Don't waste your time because the blogger (Google) site is already using Gzip compression. You do not need to modify anything.

Step#10 Reduce Server Response Time

Server response time is playing the main role in your page speed. If your server loading time is higher, so you lose your precious readers.

Reduce server response time less than 200 ms (Milliseconds).

"No matter how optimized web pages for speed, if your server response time is slow, so your pages will be displayed slow."

To make your WordPress website server response time faster:

1. You must use a good quality hosting and updating your plan with traffic.

2. Reduce Http requests.

Step#11 Reduce Http Request

We know that every web pages are made of the various images, CSS, javascript, etc., HTTP requests generated from each of these elements.

Hence, if you have more the number of these elements (Images, plugin, javascript, etc.), so more requests will be generated which will increase interaction from site server.

To reduce the HTTP request:

- Delete plugins that you don't use.

- Remove comments if you're not using them.

- Minify CSS and javascript files.

- Remove emojis.

- Use CSS sprites in WordPress.

- Limit the number of social media buttons.

- Unload scripts and styles that you don't use.

Step#12 Use CDN Hosting (Content delivery network)


What advantage we get via CDN hosting?

CDN hosting improves site's performance, reliability, and security.

How does it work? The CDN servers are located around the world, who help via content reach the users faster from the server located nearest to the users. This hosting help you to make faster website's loading time, and improving server response time.

For example, when someone in India and access your CDN hosted website, so it will be done through the local Indian server.

It also makes a better server uptime. Because it dispenses your central server load to local servers, thus your server work faster and reduces the load on the central server by distributing it among multiple servers.

CDN even a boon to your SEO optimization, because it makes a website so faster while having lots of traffic on that site, you can make central server free by the distributing local area servers which stablish nearer to users.

Step#13 Use A Good Theme

If you want to make your web page faster, but you are using bulky template who has lots of coding, and extra useless features, so your website will definitely slow load.

A theme always matters to every platform you need to use a faster template who load faster and awesomely designed with SEO optimized quality.

Slow loading theme is always a big cause to make a website slow. I have seen many blogs who placed after 6 pages of Google, they need to change their design.

Cause of the slow theme could be increase page loading time by 80%.

Most Internet users like a website who have simply designed.

Today, designers built WordPress or blogger themes with so many bells and whistles that it's no wonder they take 10 seconds to load.

"No matter, your theme has how many useless features, but always matter how fast your theme load."

Step#14 Clean up your database

If you have a WordPress website, so you might be a deficit. This platform has a feature who saves deactivate plugins, post revisions, etc., in your draft.

But sometimes, you might be a deficit with this feature because deactivate plugins save in your draft memory and make your page so slow to open.

While you have deleted the plugins on your server, but even the plugins still using server memory.

I know you think that how to prevent this problem?

Use WP-Optimize, it is a fantastic plugin that routinely deletes all of the stuff that you don't need that's cluttering up your database.

Step#15 Fix All Broken Links

Broken links are a drain on bandwidth along it cause users leave your site. Inside of this, it is a big trouble that increases bounce rate.

To identify your broken links, I'd recommend you to use one of the listed tools:

Google webmaster tool (Crawl error web) - free

Screaming Frog - free

Broken Link Chech - free

Ahrefs - paid

These tools give clear information about broken links, once you've reached 0 broken links to all four tools, your job is done!

Step#16 Avoid Static HTML And Use PHP

PHP page delivers more requests-per-second than a static HTML page. Hence, you need to use more PHP language and avoid HTML, where possible. You can decrease page loading time by the help of this technique.

I know you can't do this process if you don't know about coding so you can install such theme that made with PHP, and CSS language or you can contact with theme designer.

Step#17 Link to your stylesheets, don't use @import

We know we are using stylesheets who is a website's code language that describes how documents are presented on screen, in print, or perhaps how they are pronounced.

Some older browsers do not support @import.

Inside of this, it uses up more resource than directly linking to your stylesheets. You achieve the exact same results by both methods.

Hence finally come out is avoid @import on the website where possible

To use stylesheets on your WordPress site install Jetpack plugin and if you like editing file method so go to this link.

Step#18 Disable Trackbacks And Pings

Do you know what is Trackbacks and Pingbacks?
Trackbacks and pingbacks allow a WordPress site to notify each other that you have linked to a post.

But today, spammers use this feature to send trackbacks from spam website.

Hence, you should disable this feature. If you do not, so your site may be a spam attack, this cause site will slow-down.

To disable trackbacks and Pingbacks to a WordPress site. Follow this guide and disable it.

Step#19 Enable Keep-Alive

Keep alive is a feature who speeds up a site. How does it work?

This function tells the browser of your visitors to establish a TCP (Transmission control protocol) connection all web files will load on your web page (Like images, CSS scripts, javascript, etc.) once instead of multiple times of request.

Whereby you can optimize page loading time because while visitors request a file from your server there is an interaction between the user's browser and the server.

But when the user one more time requests a file from your server, so repeatedly same process happens.

Your server giving an "Ok" every time when the browser requests a file.

If you enabled "Keep-Alive", so your server giving an "Ok" just one time after which they users can download the files from your server until the network connection stays open.

So it can slight minimize the network overhead and CPU usage.

To enable keep-alive on the WordPress site, follow this guide.

Step#20 Specify a character set in Http header

Because we read about specifying image's dimensions above, so you don't need to read extra because it works same.

"Specify a character set in Http headers" work to specify a character set in the user's browser.

With the help of this, browsers don't have to spend extra time for working out who character set you're using.

Simply that mean, it helps you to improve your page loading time.

But you need to a designer to do this work.

Step#21 Use plugin for loading image one by one

While you use a lot of images in a single page, then this cause page does slow-down.

Hence, you need to prevent this trouble. If you are using the WordPress platform, so you can install of some of one useful plugin that helps your page to load faster by the opening page images in the current viewport.

Means the images will be loaded one by one as the reader scroll down the page.

To prevent this trouble, you can install Lazy load or Lazy load by WP rocket plugin on WordPress Website. This plugin will help you if you are facing this problem.

Step#22 Minimize Round Trip Times

What is the round trip time?

Round trip time is that time taken for the client to send a request and the server to respond.

In other words, round trip time is the time between a request for a data and display of that data.

How to reduce the round trip time? To reduce the round trip time, decrease the number of HTTP requests, which will massively reduce the RTTs (Round trip times).

As we talk about how to reduce Http request above, so you can check it above.

Use CSS inside of images, compress your javascript and CSS files, don't use such plugins that needless. If increase the number of unnecessary requests, that cause increases the RTTs.

For more details of round-trip time?

Step#23 Minimize Redirects

Redirects are instruction or methods that automatically refer visitors from one location to another location (page). It hurts page speed.

Redirect use your server and load up to site's server. Hence, you need to be reducing redirects in your website pages. If a site has more redirects, so the site does slow-down.

For example, if you are going to shop for buying a product, but the shop owner refers (Redirect) you to another shop. In this process, you lost much time as same here.

Hence 301 (Permanent) redirect is more preferable than 404 (Broken links).

To check redirects of your site, use this free tool.

Step#24 Use expire headers to leverage browser caching

Why is it important? It will reduce Http requests who reduce the time. Expire headers communicate with the user's browser with the help of the server.

Inside of this, expire header also allow the user's browser to reuse the cache files (that have stored in the browser to reduce the number of files), they need to update (Download).

By the help of the expire headers, the user's browser will download just updated files from your page, other files that don't need they won't download. It will reduce your page loading time while you update your page.

To use expire header plugin for WordPress.


1. Always consider about compressing your image, because it is the main cause that makes your site slow down. But it's too much low quality always decrease your users experience on your site.

Hence, if possible, so use 600x800 size that would be perfect for all screen types that usually people use.

Before uploading image always decrease its PPI (Pixel per Inch) and DPI (Dots per Inch), as much as perfect, it will reduce your image size but not affect quality.

If you are a WordPress user, so you can use some of one plugin like WP Smush Image that available free of cost and make your work easy.

Inside of this use online website like Compressor.io. If you know about photoshop photo customization you can use it or use photoscape.

2. We always forget about minifying CSS & Javascript. But this thing is playing the main role in page loading speed. If your page has unnecessary characters, blank spaces, and enters, so definitely design size is too large.

But you can make your page size too small with same results and decrease page loading time by even 50%.

To minify CSS & Javascript you can use some online tools like closure tools, Clean CSS, and Minifier tool, etc.

If you are a WordPress user, so you can use one of some plugins that make your work easy with little effort.

Better WordPress minify, Assets minify, WP Super Minify, and WP Minify is a free plugin that gives other valuable feature beside of this.

3. We often forget about implementing AMP. It is a Google service you can also call "Google AMP".

You can add AMP in your WordPress site, and even Blogspot site.

This Google free service will make your website faster by 2x. Your Page will be open as soon as in poor connection such as a 2G network.

People will not bounce your page with the help of this Google free service. AMP will definitely prove like a God in SEO results.

To add Amp in your blogger website follow this guide.

To add Amp in WordPress web use AMP for WP plugin.

4. Use browser caching to provide a faster experience to your readers? I know you think that What do work browser caching?

Browser caching is working like a "remembering".

If you use browser caching, so users (Or readers) who visit your site, your almost data like the logo, design, favicon, etc., will download in their browser cache memory.

The good thing is if they visit again on your site, so your site almost data is already downloaded so your page will open as soon as.

Hence, users will not bounce your page.

The sad thing is- "This feature is not available to Blogspot site."

If you use a W3 Total Cache plugin to your WordPress web, so you can decrease your bounce rate with decrease page loading time.

To get more ideas for speed up WordPress, blogger, or personal hosted sites look carefully above steps.

You have read "How to achieve a 100% score on Google PageSpeed Insights tool". I hope you will like it.

I know you knew "How AMP effect website for search engine ranking", and "how I can reduce webpage's loading time".

If you feel this article is helpful to you, so you can subscribe our blog by email feeds, and follow us on social sites.

Please leave your advice in the comment section below to make this article much helpful. Keep supporting and keep visiting. Ta-DA!

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