5 Application To Reduce Photo File Size On Your Android Mobile For Free

Hi, friends welcome our website CuteKnowledge. Today, I will talk about how to reduce image size on your android mobile to your blog or social sharing purpose? 

If you have a website, so you want to rank up on SERPs (Search engine result pages). 

But we do some little mistakes like the photo you are using that size is too large, it can increase your website loading time, but Google like fast loaded website and readers also.

Now you think that how to reduce picture file size for your website purpose. Today you will know about some useful free apps that will make your work easy.


How much image size keep for Good SEO result? If you are using one or two images in your article, the image size should be less than 80KB -120Kb. 

But if the image is only part of a page or you are using 4 images or more in an article, the image size should be by 20KB - 30KB. This size's images would be fine.

If we look at the images for length and hight perspective, then estimated 800 widths and 400 hight image would be perfect for all screen type.

There is no difference between different "Per Inch" in a web layout. Hence PPI (Pixel per inch) and DPI (Dots per inch) are not relevant to your blog photos, though they may be an available option in your computer software. 

In reality, this is not relevant to your website, but you decrease it because it reduces your picture size. 

Below are given 2 pictures with 2 different PPI, but you can see them into equal quality.

Image PPI 600×233 and size 85 kb

Image PPI 400×155 and size 54 kb

But when you will print them images, then difference happen of different PPI. I mean "Per Inch" is printing image size, but it will not different in a web display. 

If you putt a more PPI image on your web, then this image will be covering a large part of your webpage, whereby your page loading time will be increased.

1. Image Size  - Photo Resizer

This app allows you to resize an image whatever size you like, quickly, and easily. Available for android 4.4 version or up. You can use it free of cost. 

But if you want to hide ads, so pay an amount for hiding ads. This app offered you to edit image pixel, MM, CM, and Inch. 

2. Photo Compress 2.0

This is a free application that allows you to compress, resize, and crop features. With this application, you can select compress quality of an image that you want low, medium, and high.

This is an ad-free application that available free of cost. Available for android 3.2 device or up.

3. Photo & picture resizer

This tool gives you to resize an image on custom size. I have used this tool before a year. I have a good experience with this app. You can customize an image for different sizes and you also set the size. 

Available for 4.3 android version or up. This app offered you to resize an image without losing quality with very good compression result like 2MB picture is reducing in 100KB for resolution size 800x600

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you want some other features with custom resize photo. This app has many valuable features like blemish removal, light up, etc. 

You can use this app easily. And available free of cost. Required operating system Android 4.1 and up. 

5.  Resize Me

Resize Me is a free android app that allows you to resize multiple images, rotate, and crop. You can shave or share the photo on social media after editing. Available for android 2.3 and up devices.

Today, I shared best android apps to resize your photo. Who app you like? Give your suggestion about this article in the comment section below.

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