Step By Step Guide For How To Change Your Blogger Template


Friends, today's article is how to upload a custom template to blogger. Google Blogger platform provide us free website hosting service, but its default templates look incondite. Hence we want to change our default template. 

The Internet has available a lot of blogger templates. You can download valuable blogger themes that have all qualities like SEO ready, compatible with all device, stylish, easy to understand, expensive features, and latest features.

This free web hosting platform is so simple than WordPress. Everybody can understand blogger dashboard. This platform saves your money for hosting. If you stand out your blog with this Google service, so you won't worry about website's server down and upgrade plan.

If you want to free download professional, expensive, SEO ready, and all device responsive blogger themes, so you must read it. Installing blogger template on your blog is very easy.

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Step by step guide for how to change blogger template :

1. If the template ZIP format, so needs to convert it into XML, because your blogger website supports XML template.

For converting ZIP template to XML, Download and Install Winrar free software. If you have already XML template, so don't need this process and start from the step 4.

Open Winrar after installing it. Select a .zip template and hit "Extract To" button.



3. Select a location where you want to save your file and hit "Ok" button.


4. Now, go to the dashboard.

5. Click the theme button.


6. Click Backup/Restore for uploading your new theme.

6. Click Download theme. You must take your older theme backup hence click download theme for taking backup to the current template. If downloaded template defective so then this backup will help you for installing the older.

7. Click Browse after browsing theme, click the upload button.

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Hurry, your template is successfully uploaded. Close the program and view your website. Friends, you were reading today's article step by step guide for how to change your blogger template. How you felt it. If you have a question about this article so comment below without hesitating.
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