How To Grant Gmail Access To Anybody Without Sharing Your Password


Hi, friends welcome to our website CutekKnowledge. My name is Shubham. Today, I am sharing a trick to granting Gmail access without sharing the password. Sharing your email password is a big test of trust.

However, sometimes we face a problem to sharing your email password with someone. But we can't share our password because it is our privacy and won't believe that person will not use your password again.

Hence such time, we can grant Gmail access without sharing a password. Gmail gives facility to email owners can share Account access without revealing a password. Now you won't worry about the safety of the account password at the time of grant access. 

By the help of this trick, you will be able to share Gmail access with up to 25 people or only 1 person. And those people will be able to send the emails to others. When an email sent by a delegate, their email address will appear in the message as well. 

They have access to managing your emails. Inside of this, they can't change any of your Gmail settings, including password, and will be unable to chat with anyone on your behalf. 

There is a great future to grant assistants access to your emails, or to creating multiple customers services by the one email.

Step by step guide for grant Gmail access to anybody without sharing the password: 

1. Go to your Gmail dashboard that you want to share with someone. Go to the setting.


2. Click Account and Import option. 


3. After this, you can see grant access to your account option. Now choose Mark conservation as read when opened by others and click add another account.


4. Now prompt open a new box, where you fill the email address of that person you want to grant access to your account, then confirm you want to share access via Next option.


5. The delegate will receive an email with a link that they must click within seven days of receiving the email, or else the offer will expire. Delegate accept that link and click on below link.


6. For confirmation please click confirm option.


7. Now click your Gmail photo that shows at the right sight. Click granter profile. Now you able to granter full email's access. You can send the emails via granter email and manage their Gmail account. 


How to remove delegate in Gmail?

If you decide you no longer want a delegate to have access to your Gmail account, do the following:
1. Go to Setting > Account and Import.

2. Under Grant access to your account, click Delete to the email account you want to remove.


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