How To Make A Free Blog (Website) For Your Passion And Make Money

Do you want to make a blog or website? But you don't know how to make a Blogspot blog free? So you came to the right place. I know you have a question. What is the blogger and why it provides free web hosting? Blogger is a free blog post sharing service. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003 and Google is giving it free of cost for website purpose. Do you know mostly Pro-Websites or Pro-Bloggers began via the blogger platform? Here I will explain to you how to make a free website without coding skills?

Your Blogger website complete SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly because it is a service of Google. If you have writing skill and you want to make your career as a blogger (Writer), so don't stop your passion and let start your blogging journey. Do you know you can make a lot of money via a website? I will talk about it in my next article, but I share basic about this topic.

1. Advertisement- When you will put the ads on your website, then your ads will saw for your readers and when your reader will click your ads or buy a product through it, by this get a commission for you. I know you are a newbie player in this field. Hence, I recommended you to start advertisement with PopAds, Revenue Hits, Bidvertiser, and Chitika, etc., on your website. These companies are a good for a new blogger, but I highly recommended you during the beginning of your blog, don't put the advertisements.

If your website has daily more than 800 readers. Then let you apply for Google Adsense, this is a spread network of advertisement that will pay you a higher income than other small ads companies.

Adsense is a Google service that provides ads for the website, YouTube channel or blog, but AdSense made several rules for blogs like a blog should have a sitemap, about us, contact us, etc., and don't publish an adult content and article. If you do not follow the rules of Adsense, so AdSense will block your website for advertisement. After this, you won't put the ads of AdSense.

2. Affiliated- Affiliated marketing is the best source of earning. You can make a lot of money with Affiliated marketing than Adsense. In Affiliated marketing, you put an advertisement of many companies like Amazon, Alibaba, WordPress, and Semrush, etc. Your readers buy a product through your website. After affiliated Company is given, your commission for it.

Step by step guide for make a website for free.

STEP 1. Go to the


STEP 2. Click on "CREATE YOUR BLOG" button.


STEP 3. If you have a Gmail account, then sign in from Gmail and skip till step 4. If you have not a Gmail Account, then let you do these steps those given below. First, click the more option after click the create account



STEP 4. Now let you create a Gmail Account. First, fill out the requested information and click for the next step. Second, accept the Gmail guidelines and click for "I AGREE" button.



STEP 5. Now your Gmail account is ready for website use. Click on "Continue to Blogger" button.


STEP 6. Now you have 2 profile option and click on "Create a limited Blogger profile" button.


STEP 7. Here you fill your blogger profile name, who want to appear your audience and click the "Continue to Blogger" button.

STEP 8. Now Click the "CREATE NEW BLOG" button.

STEP 9. Here you fill your blog title name and your blog URL address like Herein is necessary, but after you can remove it by the purchase a domain name.


STEP 10. Congratulationnow your blog is ready to use you can write a post to your blog. For writing the new post, click the "New Post" button. 


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Hi friends, how you felt today's article- How To Make A Free Blog (Website) For Your Passion And Money. I hope this information will help you if you have any question about this article so you can ask questions in the comments section below. If you feel this article is useful, so you can share the article via social sites.

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