Unexplained Mysteries- 10 People Who Came Back From The Dead

Dying is one part of life. In the whole world, that person came and one day that will certainly die. We can't avoid death. This is a rule of life. Maybe it is necessary for every animals, words, and human. It is one big reason for life development. "Dying is a part of life, that removing old and bring new. 

Today, modern science is working hard for eliminating die, but we aren't able to stop dead. Although few people alive after death, we have not able to stop it. 

1. Kelvin Santos

This story is about a two-year-old baby, who was alive after the death.

Kelvin lives in Brazil. He died from bronchial Pneumonia cause him to stop breathing. When his body was placed in a body bag (That was airtight) for three hours. 

Kelvin's aunt was visiting the body, suddenly his aunt felt that Kelvin started the move.

Afterward, she said he started to move. Then baby suddenly sat up in his coffin in front of whole members of the family and other people. Baby asked his dad for a drink the water. The whole family was very happy from this incident, but unfortunately, he immediately fell back down and died again. They were rushed to hospital with the baby, but the baby was also dead the second time. 

2. Carlos Camejo

Carlos Camejo was living in Venezuelan. Who had been declared dead, but woke up in the morgue excruciating pain after medical examiners began their autopsy, show a document ordering the autopsy in La Victoria September 17, 2007.

Carlos was 33 years old when the accident from a high-speed collision on Venezuelan highways, whereby his body was badly damaged. Doctors declared that he was dead. 

Afterward, his body was reached to the local morgue.

In the meantime, his wife was informed about his death and asked for identity his body. 

When examiners of the morgue were incised to his chin and Comejo was waking up at this time, while during his autopsy. Then incision was bleeding, which means he was alive and they realized somehow was wrong.

After this incident, he was taken to hospital and Carlos was fine.

Carlos said that "I woke up because the pain was unbearable." 

3. Li Xiufeng

This story is about a 95 years old woman, who came back to life after 6 days died.

Death is a part of life, who removing old and bring new life, is also important in life. When people are getting aged (Geezer), then he or she dies is natural.

Li Xiufeng was 95 years old, and she Lived alone. When Xiufeng does not look after many days, so her neighbor Mr. Qinwang thinks that she probably died. When her neighbor checks her house, so she was truly dying.

Mr. Qingwang found her motionless body and not breathing in her bed. After which Mr. Qingwang and his son had placed her body in a coffin and kept in her house before the funeral, so friends and family could drop by to pay their respects. The day before her body was due to be buried, Mr. Qingwang went to her house and he found her coffin empty. 

Mrs. Xiufeng had woken up from her coffin and gone into the kitchen to cook. According to Chinese tradition, after the die he or she everything is burned up, hence her everything was burned up.

4. Miracle Baby Case

"A baby was alive after 12 hours." Analia Bouter was living in California, USA. She born baby three-month prematurely. Analia was hospitalized in the "Villa" children's hospital. When her baby was born. Doctors have said her child was stillborn. 

After that Analia and his husband having despaired and go to the home. Later they think that they came to the hospital after 12 hours and got out the baby died body that was kept in refrigerator drawer in the morgue. The baby was sawed by obstetricians, gynecologists, neurologists, and all of them believe that the baby was dead. 

But when they opened the drawer, the baby had started crying. 

Afterwards, Analia and his husband realized that their baby was alive. This was a big miracle, how did their baby alive after 12 hours. I think this is a big puzzle. 

After this incident, Analia and his husband named her baby Luz Miraglas (Miracle of light). I have reported their baby, she has grown stronger and healthier.

5. Miracle Child Case

This story about a child, he spent 45 minutes underwater (Icy), and the doctors called that "Truly life back from the dead."

Alvaro Garza was 11 years old in 1987 when he was playing with his friends, and suddenly he had fallen into the river (The river was also icy) because he tried to catch the body of a dead squirrel after he fell through the ice.

He spent a full 45 minutes of underwater in that river. After 45 minutes he was pulled from the river, so Alvaro was dead from clinical ways, and while time his body temperature had dropped to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. There was no hope of saving his alive.

When he was hospitalized, then doctors revived him by the using a heart-lung bypass machine, and doctors forced out the water that filled his body and pumped air in his lungs.

After four days admitting in hospital, he was blinking and communicate to us after 17 days. For a while, he hadn't capable to properly use his limbs, requiring braces to walk. But eventually, he capable to use his fullest part of the body. Finally, he has no lasting brain damage.

6. Michigan Voting

This story is less interesting. This story is during a time when Obama was an American president and U.S run elections.

A gentleman named Ty Houston,  he is a nurse by his profession. When he was filling out her 2012 voting ballot, then she heard a sound of a woman screaming for help. 

He went to near of woman and found that woman's husband had no heartbeat and he was no breathing. A man's body was down on the floor, afterward, his senses suddenly came, and that man came back to life and the first question he asked- "Did I vote?"

7. Johannesburg City Case

This story is about an 80-year-old man, who alive twenty-one hours later.

In a South Africa, Johannesburg city, a man who called an undertaker. He was 80 years old, and he was dead. Many peoples checked the man's body and find a pulse or heartbeat, but couldn't find any react.

So hence, his body was taken to the morgue. Where the man was placed in a fridge. Twenty-one hours later, died man wake up and started screaming. The afterward morgue staff thought that this man was a ghost and all staff scared him. The owner, Ayanda Maqolo called the police for a dead man screaming. 

Later on, the police and the owner took out the man from a fridge and sent him to a nearby hospital after being discharged.

8. Elayna Nigrelli

Elayana Nigrelli is a miracle baby. She entered the world three weeks early and her mother was technically dead after giving birth to her. 

And the rarest thing of all, her mother Erica Nigrelli, came back to life again and she is now happy.

Erica lives in Missouri, she is 36 years old, English teacher and her husband also a teacher at the same school.

Erica was 36 weeks pregnant. Hence, she reached to a hospital for baby delivery, then Erica's heart suddenly stopped by the time she reached the hospital, and doctor's say to her husband that his wife had delivered to the postmortem, but after the delivery, Erica's heart began beating again. After the delivery, she was kept in a medically induced coma for five days. 

Latter on doctors said that Erica was suffering from a heart disease, that know as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, wherever she needs a pacemaker for managing her heart beating. Now Erica and her daughter, Elyana are both alive.

9. MaNdlo Prostitute

This story is about a prostitute, she died after doing her work.

In March 2017, A woman named MaNdlo and she died while conducting her business with one of her clients, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. After this incident, her clients were quietly slipped out of the hotel room.

A crowd of onlookers had gathered to watch her body and authorities were saying that she completely died and when her body was giving for the postmortem, then she gets up with a scared and screaming "You want to kill me!"

Many onlookers are shocked after seeing this miracle. Later on this incident, MaNdlo was taken home by one of her colleagues.

10. Lyudmila Steblitskaya

A grandmother comes back from the dead, just minutes before buried after spending three days in the morgue, she comes back to life.

This story is a big miracle story, it is about a woman, that name is Lyudmila Steblitskaya. 

In November 2011, Lyudmila was sick and she was admitted to the hospital when her daughter Nastya went to a hospital to see Lyudmila health, then Doctors were told that she died an earlier day.

When Nastya told that she wants to see her grandmother last time, then doctors sent her to the morgue after die, and she wanted to see her grandmother, but according to the Russian rules the morgue is not open on weekends, hence she had to wait for Monday for seeing her grandmother.

Therefore, she was upset and Nastya makes the funeral arrangements, who expense, cost about $ 2,000 and 50 people were to attend, and she was reached to collect the dead body, then a woman told her that she had just spoken Lyudmila a few minutes previously. Natsy followed this woman into a bedroom, and latterly realized that her grandmother was alive, latterly she tossed her bag and ran out of the room with screaming.

Afterward this miraculous incident, the hospital declined to own comment (Means Lyudmila was dead), and afterward, she had to work hard to pay back the money borrowed for the funeral. Nastya was very happy via this miraculous incident because she has her mother back once she recovered from the sock. 
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