How To Leave (Visarjit) Lord Ganesha In Own House After The Ganesha Session

We are situated "Lord Ganesha" in own house in Ganesha session, and after we have to leave them by the compulsion. We want Lord Ganesha always situate in our house, while we must leave them because it is necessary. When Lord Ganesha situates our house, so we very happy. We always want to keep them in our house, so hence you dismissal Lord Ganesha in own house, it is more advantageous to us because Ganesha blessing always keeps on us. Below are given steps to dismissal Lord Ganesha in own house.

Step 1 Keep Lord Ganesha Statue In A Clean Flowerpot.

First, you do worship of Lord Ganesha, and after devoutly you keep Lord Ganesha in a flowerpot, and dismissal the Lord Ganesha.

Step 2 Pour Fresh Water

Keep Ganesha statue in a flower pot and after you do Jal Abhishek till drowning in the water and with respect.

Step 3 Sow The Seed In A Flowerpot.

After the dismissal of Lord Ganesha, you sow a seed in the flowerpot, so we keep blessing of Lord Ganesha in the form of a tree. 

Step 4. Blessing.

We and our family will get a blessing of Lord Ganesha by the tree form.

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If you don't do it, so you can do it in this dismissal. So you keep getting Lord Ganesha blessing. How you felt today's article - "How to leave lord Ganesha in own house after the Ganesha session". If you have any suggestion about this article, so you know for us via comments below. Ta-da!
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