What Cause Of Hiccup And How To Get Rid Them?

Friends, today's article is "What cause of hiccup and how to get rid them." Hiccup is an involuntary process, that happens to every human. But Do you know that why hiccup occur? Do you know that more of it may also be deadly? You didn't read our older article, so must also read it. 


What are Hiccups?

Hiccup belongs to breathing process, sometimes there are bursts of inspiratory activity (breathing), whereby persist the hiccup.

Sometimes the hiccup is common after eating too much and too quickly.

Some research has shown that the hiccup relation is your breathing muscles. When your vocal cords constringe shut and out, then comes an unmistakable sound- "Hic", who is called a hiccup.

Why do people get hiccups?

Ordinarily, the hiccup occurs a cause of breathing muscles, Whenever shrinkage in our breathing muscles, so we occur hiccups. This muscle is called "Diaphragm". Or the hiccup occurs when the diaphragm suddenly contracts involuntarily. The diaphragm is separating hollow part of the chest from the hollow part of the stomach. This process is necessary for breathing process.

To fill the air in the lungs is necessary shrinkage of the diaphragm. Whenever we take to breathe, so speedily filling the air in our lungs, whereby diaphragm is repeatedly shrinkage.

What is the cause of hiccups?

When making interruption in our breathing, so hiccup occurs. Sometimes it can be also via the more laugh, eaten more spicy food, be wolfing down, stomach enlargement. The Below given cause of hiccup.
*. Too much eating or too much drinking.
*. Eating too fast.
*. More laugh.
*. Eaten more spicy food.
*. Wolfing down.
*. Taken some such medicines.
*. Stroke or brain tumor.
*. Abdominal Surgery.

You have to often hear that hiccup is a cause of emotional situation or temperature changes. This is true, the reason is sometimes the hiccup may occur via the disturbance at involved muscles to the brain via the nerve pathway.

Does sea creature occur hiccup?


Do you know that sea creatures mean fish, crocodile, and shark etc. are occur hiccups?

France, scientific research has shown that hiccup relation is also from sea creatures because sea creature is our ancestor before human evolution.

Do you know that fetus occurs hiccups?


The research of ultrasound scientist has shown that 2-month fetus that has don't take a breath but that occurs hiccup. 

Hiccup prevents liquid from going lungs. But many scientists have logic against to it that the fetus gets sneezed, don't occur hiccups. But I don't know that what is true.

Do baby hiccups?

Hiccup is a normal part of baby development, it sounds sweet and cute. But what baby hiccup is good right or wrong?

The answer is right. Baby and newly born baby hiccups are completely harmless and just one sign of baby growth and development. But sometimes, enough hiccup is harmful. 

Why do babies get hiccups?

Just like in adult, Ordinarily, hiccup is a cause of breathing muscles, Whenever shrinkage in babies breathing muscles, so babies occur hiccups. 

Newborn babies hiccups main cause is baby overfeeds or eats too much or too quickly, or swallows air. “Hiccups, which occur in the gastrointestinal tract, almost never indicate a problem in newborns or infants,” says Christal-Joy Forgenie, MD, a pediatrician in private practice in New York City. 
Source: Thebump

Do you know that more hiccup occurs is deadly?

Some time hiccup is a cause of intestine disease. This disease is dangerous. It causes obstructed breathing system, whereby stops an intestine activity. Hence, more hiccups are deadly.

How to get rid baby hiccup?

 Try breastfeeding

Always hiccups occur when the baby's diaphragm gets irritated. To given relax to the baby's diaphragm, drinking a small amount of breast milk. 

 Use a pacifier

This way to cure hiccups. When your baby occurs hiccup, then you try allowing them to suck on a pacifier. It can relax the baby's diaphragm.

Don't burping while feeding

Some time baby hiccup caused of burp while breast feeding time. The reason is you burping baby when breastfeeding time trapped air in the infant's stomach and it causes diaphragm irritation that could lead to hiccup. Hence, don't burp your baby. 

How to prevent hiccup in public places?

Sometimes hiccup occurs when you stay in public places, so this time we can use such method that doesn't cause a laugh. Below given such method that used to prevent them in public.

Thumb method

Press the palm of your hand normally or little strength with the thumb of your other hand. This method affects your nervous system and control hiccup. I often use this method, this method suddenly works for hiccup prevention. 

Breath method

Holding your breath is an age-old way to cure hiccups. It increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, which distracts your mind and stops the hiccups. First, take a deep breath and hold your breath for 5 seconds. This method will relax your diaphragm and control your hiccups. 

Drinking Water

This method is very easy, but this isn't good workable. You will often hear about this method. Whenever you occur hiccups, then you drink a glass of water approximate 10 - 12 ships. 

Cup Hand

This method is little strange hence do this method in alone. Put your hand under your nose and cover your mouth, but continue breathing normally.

This method is to work because the extra dose of carbon dioxide must help you to get rid of the hiccup.

Home remedies for hiccups

Stop hiccup by ice cream

I think you will like this method. It's more useful to control hiccups because this method is working two ways first sugar way and second eating ice way. To prevent hiccup eating an ice cream.

Peanut butter for hiccups

Eat a spoonful peanut butter. Chewing it slowly. It helps your breathing pattern on your track and stopping your hiccups in few second.

Drink upside down

This trick is a little funny and enjoyable, but this is more effective and workable. Below are given this trick step-

1. Fill a glass with cold water.
2. Bend down at the waist, put your head downside.
3. Drink the water from the opposite side of the glass than you would normally.
4. If don't stop hiccups, so repeat again.

Chocolate remedy

Maybe you like this home remedy for preventing hiccups. Eat some powdered chocolate drink mix (cocoa or Ovaltine) right off the spoon.

Yummy honey remedy

Mix 1 teaspoon honey with warm water, and swallow its mixture. It can stop your hiccups. Once more benefit of it, honey is infection fighter and cough soother.

How do you feel today's article "What Cause Of Hiccup And How To Get Rid Them". When you occur hiccup, then do you do. Do you already do this method? Let us know to comment below. Ta-da!

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