Coconut Mythology In Hindu Religion and Powerful Facts Of Coconut.


* Coconut tree story in Hindu religion.
* Why do we break a coconut for God?
* Why it breaks into the temple.
* Coconut breaking after or before auspicious times.
* Coconut 3 eyes.
* Significance of breaking a coconut.
* What meaning of broken coconut.

Coconut is unique in many ways. It could be used as a water (Where we can drink the water as a coconut water), fruit, and also as a vegetable (It could be mixed with caries, sweet and eaten for dinner also).

In Hindu religion, the coconut tree is a principal seat in any function. Whenever we do any auspicious events, we break a coconut for our success. Why we break a coconut after or before auspicious events? It connected many texts (Granth) about coconut tree.Today we will know about coconut mythology in Hindu religion and powerful fact of coconut.


Coconut Tree Story In Hindu Religion

In India, there is a legend about it. Many years ago a powerful Sage Vishwamitra had created the coconut tree because King Satyavrata want to enter into the heaven as a mortal. He tries to enter into the heaven but was thrown out by the gods. Hence Sage Vishwamitra created coconut tree so they could reach to King Satyavrata in heaven.

Satyavrata was a famous king of the solar dynasty (Surya Vansh). He was pious and greatly religious. But he wished to enter "heaven" (Swargloka) with his mortal body intact. Why Sage help to King?

Once Sage Vishwamitra was doing austerity (Tapasya), then all around land had dried up, that time King Satyavrata was helping his family with the provide food and necessities. It causes Vishwamitra was very happy for him, hence great Sage was agreed to helping King, and he started yajna (Yagya) for penetrating him in heaven.

After that Great Sage made a stair for ascending into the sky. When King came near the gate of heaven, then God Indra (The king of heaven) pushed back him to the earth, whereby Satyavrata was fell in the earth.

Sage Vishwamitra enraged and he declared that he would the redesign the Cosmos (Brahmand) and create a new heaven for Satyavrata. Afterward, there was a settlement between deity and them. The god allowed to Satyavrata stay in midair.

However, the Sage realized that Satyavrata would fall back to the ground after the spell weakened. Hence he held him with a tree branch and that nowadays is coconut tree branch. Coconut fruit is Satyavrata head. After this incident gets his named "Trishanku" (Hung). Because he was suspended between space and earth.

Why Do We Break A Coconut For God?


Many years ago when Indian peoples were a victim the animal's to impress the god. Then in a Kerala grown lot of coconuts, Powerful Sage, Adi Shankaracharya wanted to stop the animal's victim, they said that sacrificing coconuts instead of animals. When days coconut called "Khopda" (skull). This was a historic step in Hindu religion.

Sage, Adi Shankaracharya was establishing a better form of Hindu Religion in all over India, the victim of animals disturbed him. They established a rule that every brahmin must be vegetarian and they don't victim animals and instead, they are breaking a coconut.

The coconut is considered human head by 4 ways. First, the coconut jute is similar to human hair. Second, the water demonstrates human blood. Third, the hard part is a human skull and fourth the kernel is akin to the mental space. Hence the coconut is related to "Narabali".

This is a historic decision and in many texts (Granth) gets mentioned about it.

"Coconut play main role in every Hindu marriage."

"Breaking a coconut release some energy for yourself."

Why Do We Break Coconut in the temple?

1. People who believe God, pray to him for success. For example- when you find a new job or starting a new business, for further life, pray to God for own guilt or going away from bed performance or lie and we face any all difficulties in our mission or life. Breaking a coconut signifies that your obstacles may be broken and overcome as an easily. In that belief, you break a coconut.

2. It Represents Tridev - Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.
You have often noticed that in a Puja, the coconut is placed a plate before the puja is done. I ask a Mage (Pandit) about it and they told me because that coconut has three marks of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. When you request to Tridev (3 Deities), for becoming a part of the Puja, so Puja is already completed and otherwise, you don't request Tridev become a part of the Puja, they Puja can not succeed. They come and they bless your household.

Why Coconut Breaking After Auspicious Time?

Every Hindu remembers the god "Ganesha" after or before auspicious events. Such also believe that before any auspicious works should remember the "God Ganesha" and God Ganesha's favorite fruit is coconut. Hence we are breaking a coconut before any auspicious events, whereby our work is the success.

The Three Eyes Of Coconut.


The coconut has 3 marks on its side and Lord Shiva has 3 eyes. Hence, it's considered to 3 eyes of Lord Shiva. This is a powerful fact for coconut tree is very important in our religion.

Significance Of Breaking Coconut.


Coconut is always broken after the worship (Puja). Do you think that why coconut break after worship? The coconut broken after worship 2 main reason is:

1. The Worship completed. When we break a coconut after the worship, it meaning is worship is completed.

2. The Puja acceptation. Its meaning is Puja accepted by the God, and God would bless us. If we get coconut without water, it means that the god accepted our Offering (Prasad) while Puja.

What Meaning Of Broken Coconut?


Do you know that broken coconut after the Puja demonstrate many signs about it many things are attached? Some most popular things are given below:

1. If the coconut cracks lengthwise, then it's a sign a new baby may be arriving.

2. If the coconut is spoiled, then something bad is going to happen.

3. Coconut should not be broken into 3 pieces, because it is believed inauspicious, either the number three is also believed inauspicious into many religions.

4. If coconut offered to God is spoiled, what does this mean? It means that something bad is going to happen. 

5. If the 3 eyes become bigger, then the woman's wish would come true.

6. Broken coconut into 2 halves means your Puja is accepted by the God and God will bless your complete family.

7. When coconut breaks itself in Navratri Puja, that means is the Puja is accepted by the Mata. It's a big miracle, but sometimes it happens.

Friends, you read today's article - coconut mythology in Hindu religion and powerful fact of coconut. How you felt today article, kindly give your precious comments.

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