Why Do Hindu Girls Not Break A Coconut?


Coconut is a valuable fruit. It's more important in India. It is unique in many ways, it could be used as a water (Where we can drink the water as a coconut water), fruit, and also as a vegetable (It could be mixed with caries, sweet and eaten for dinner also).

We often broke a coconut and we dedicated our faith and things to God, but fewer devotees know that why do we break a coconut? And why we dedicated a coconut to God?

Any Vedic and Divine worship is considered incomplete without sacrificing coconut. It sacrifices gives release furious of "Shani Diety". Many texts (Granth) said that we should do a bath to Shivling by the coconut water.

Coconut water is the purest water. It has no any impurity. The Coconut is known many names like - Narifal, Shrifal, Narfal, and Mahafal etc.

A text (Granth) said that whatever the fruits produced by the seeds. We eat fruits and we grow a tree help its leftover seeds. Hence every tree is born with the seeds and someone eats its ingredients. Hence those fruits aren't more appropriate in worship. But the coconut tree born via the whole coconut without seeds. Hence the coconut fruit considered holy

Why do Hindu women not break a coconut?

In Hindu religion, the coconut is playing the main role in any functions, festivals, and occasion. Our texts (Granth) get much description about it, why don't Hindu girls allow to break a coconut? In every Hindu text, we don't get a theory about it, so don't have any clear explanation. I have the only judgment.

1. Women don't break a coconut because they wearing the bracelet (Kangan) and bangles if they would break a coconut, by this can breakage her bangles or bracelet, whereby may be damaged her hands.

Hindu peoples also believed that broken bangles or bracelets are a bad sign. Some peoples have said that rupture of bangles is a sign of her husband having difficulty or died.

2. It first causes is coconut is related to fertility. A slogan said that Sage Vishwamitra has created the coconut tree for creating a life on earth. Hence it is considered as a seed and many texts said that it is a seed as a reproduction.

When a woman born a baby before the birth baby is as a seed. Whereby women's don't allow to break a coconut in Hindu religion. Hence, men's only allowed to break a coconut.

3. A Text has found that coconut related to the man mind and related to the woman heart because mind-related to ego and heart-related to love. Hence, breaking a coconut means breaking the ego. Whereby men allow breaking a coconut.

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