Do You Do These 7 Mistakes Before The Exercise And Yoga


Friends, today's article is Do You Do These 7 Mistakes Before The Exercise And Yoga. Do you do yoga or exercise? We should do yoga and workout, it has lots of benefits and advantages. But sometimes we do many mistakes before it, whereby may be many side effects of its. 

We don't know about its side effect. Whereby may damage your body and many disadvantages before. This rule is to apply any workouts like Exercise, aerobic, gym, dance and yoga etc. To good your performance, except these 7 rules in your life.

1. Don't Workout While Empty Stomach

This rule is only applied in the gym, work-out, but this isn't applied at yoga. you do exercise, you burn calories hence body want calories for increase workout time.

But whenever we work-out empty stomach, then we get tired in very short time.

Eat only light food before the exercise. Don't eat much, whereby can't do much exercise and feel uncomfortable.

One more reason its exercise has increasing digest power of any food. Hence must be necessary eat some nourishing food while empty stomach.

You can always eat these type foods- brown rice, black beans, salted broccoli in olive oil, banana, Apple, walnut or vegetable juice and the salad of seasonal vegetable.

A thing always should keep in mind before the exercise. Before the workout, eat 45 minutes ago because after ate food digestion process runs in our body.

If you ate more, then you must work-out at-least 1 hours 30-minute later.

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2. Don't Drink Tea And Coffee Before Exercise

Though many research has shown that coffee and tea have a caffeine. That increasing your concentration and energy level. But it also causes of decreasing water level in our body. 

If you drink coffee and tea before the exercise, whereby may be the insufficiency of water in our body.

One more disadvantage of it. It can increase insulin level in our body. Whereby happen irritation problem of the stomach and other body parts.

A person is energetic by drink caffeine but doesn't happy from the mind.

Hence don't drink tea and coffee before the workout.

3. Don't Drink More Water Before Workout 


You must have often heard that the water hydrate our body. But before the exercise, drinks more water happen some disadvantage. It decreasing sodium level in blood. It's called "Hyponatremia". 

Before to the exercising, drink maximum 500 ml. water and approximately 30 minutes before. If you feel thirsty, so you must drink water later on 20 - 30 minute. 

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4. Don't Take Sleep Less or More?

If you have not completed sleep before the workout so it is harmful. Because of it, you feel lethargy and tired that causes less your energy level. You must take sleep 7 to 8 hours approximate. Should be the difference between exercise and get up from sleep.

Some research has shown that if you take less sleep with do yoga, so don't do yoga and primarily take a good restful sleep.

You should take sleep at least 7 - 9 hours. If you do more exercise so should take better restful sleep, whereby while exercising, you don't get tired after and before exercise.  

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5. You Should Do Warm-Up First


Warm-up makes your body more flexible. Sometimes you do the workout without warm-up this cause may be chances damage your body. 

Whenever you do the workout, so warm-up benefiting don't suddenly pressure on your muscles. 

This is a good way to prepare your body for yoga and workout. Hence some fitness expert has also believed that the warm-up is a good way to prepare your body for physical workout and yoga. 

You try to leave stretching. Because it suddenly stretches your body whereby increased possibility of injury. 

6. Don't Eat Much


Don't work-out after ate much. Some people do exercise after much eat. Hence it may be the problem like stomach pain, vomiting and body clog. You must do exercise after 2 hours while ate much food.

If you want to improve your workout time. Firstly you will stop eating these foods like- rice, peels, meat, oily foods and fast food like pizza, burger etc. Because this food is heavy to absorb.

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7. Don't Take Penkiller With exercise


If seen medical, so painkiller work is a relieve to affected nerves. Whenever a person takes a painkiller with physical activity, its harmful effect on your body. Whereby may be more side effects.

If you taking medicine, so take advice from the specialist and your doctor. In spite of this if you must take medicine is necessary, so don't heavy exercise, instead, you can light exercise, cardio or walking, jogging or yoga.

Do you like today's article - Do You Do These 7 Mistakes Before Exercise And Yoga. Do you follow this step before workout already?  What safety precaution you didn't know in which. Let's know commenting below. ta-da!
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