These 10 Lowest Gravity Places On Earth That You Should Know


Do you hear about such area, therein don't work gravity? Today we will talk about such area that is the lowest gravity place on earth. Some people call these areas- zero gravity place

The gravitational field of the earth is available at every place. But some people claimed that these areas are lowest gravity point on earth. Until today we don't have this mystery spot clear explanation.

10. Mystery Spot


Location: Santa Cruz, California.

This place discovered in 1950 when one researcher came here, he sees that there was no proper worked any electronic devices just in the 300-foot circular area.

In the beginning, they felt that here is very high gravity. Maybe that's why. But this place is based on a visual illusion.

George Parther builds mystery spot at 1939. The first time, George Prather opened this house in 1941.

The interesting thing about this place is that law of gravity and physics, it gets to disappear in this house. The mystery house is also known "titled house" or "gravity box".

Inside this house, the ball moves in the uphill direction and we can do titled stand pose without any support.

This house has been such designed, whereby feel to an observer that a person has not stood at 90 degrees. But this result is a cause of optical illusion. This house can be the much optical illusion for us.

9. The Uphill - Downhill Road of Ariccia


This road is near to Ariccia, Italy. There are two parts of this road. The first part is above about 303 feet from the earth and the second part is above about 292 feet from the earth.

But because of optical illusion, the upper part looks down and the bottom part looks up.

If you want to go such place for roaming, here is not pollution, dust etc and having fresh air, beautiful place. Certainly, this place is good for tourism.

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8. St. Ignace Mystery Spot


This mystery spot is located on 150 Martin Lake Road St. Ignace, Michigan, United State.

Here you can be seen many strange effects of gravity. In this spot, tall peoples look short, compared to the spot outside the area. It happens at such by stand fixed area. It causes of optical illusion.

Some visitor has said that stay long time in this mystery spot they feel queasy and light headed.

To make more attractive to this mystery spot, by the owner of this mystery spot has installed many features for fun and enjoyment.

7. The Cosmos Mystery Area


This mystery area is located in the black hills in South Dakota.

Some peoples claimed that here gravity having less compared to any other place on earth. But I don't know what is true, but I sure it happens only optical illusion.

One part of the mystery spot where the dropping ball or bottle go upward.

As well as inside of cosmos mystery area long people can look dwarves, it only happens when standing in a special area

Such happened because of "Optical illusion". If you are going to travel & tourism, so this place is very well for tourism.

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6. Mysterious Road


Location: Jeju City, South Korea.

Those having loaded from the mystery of nature. This road is known, the name Jeju mysterious road, but local people calls it - "Dokkaebi Road". 

This road extends far enough, hence here have made many signs to give information of location to tourist.

There is a valley in this road where neutralizes the car, Car automatically starts climbing up upward.

If fall a ball in the downhill on this road starts coming upwards after stopping the ball.

5.Confusion Hill

Mystery Of Confusion Hill California

Location: Piercy, California.

This house was opened primarily in 1949. The insight of this mystery spot it is impossible for us to walk straight and we can walk freely inclined because in this house muddle balance of gravity compared to outside.

One more special thing about this house, here hanging on the hangar, we hang at not in 90 degrees. Because this house interior is based on optical illusion.

As well as here also we can look tall peoples are short and short peoples are tall.

The owner of this mystery spot installed some different feature in this spot.

Herein you can take the experience of 1 1/2 mile 508 m.m. long train journey. Which will be more exciting.

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4. Mysterious Hole

Mystery Of Mysterious Hole

Location: Ansted, Virginia

There is such a part of the Mystery Hole, where water flows upward direction.

The mysterious hole has made such angle of the underground room, whereby we feel different gravity.

A Gorilla statue is built on the roof of this mystery spot. Made a series of underground rooms in this mystery hole.

3. The Oregon House Of Mystery


Organ vortex is located in the Organ gold hill of the United State. People are called that this mysterious house was an assay office while sooner, afterward there was made for tool storage of "Old Grey Eagle Mining Company" in 1904.

Someone a person name organ vortex that has gone back to the time of ancient Americans. Hence pristine Americans were called " Forbidden Ground" of this area.

2. Spook Hill

Location: Lake Wales, Florida

In spook hill, the cars, automatic goes to uphill. On this road made a white line, here, neutralizing the car, car automatic goes to uphill. 
Cars caught speeding slowly - slowly. We think the car is going down. But the cars don't go down the slope, in reality, those go to uphill because we feel only an optical illusion.

1. Magnetic Hill Of India


Location: Leh in Ladakh, India.

Magnetic Hill is based on optical illusion. Here the incoming tourist feels that stopping a car in neutral, the car goes to upward or the bottle, ball etc goes to upward.

"But these 
all don't go to upward, rather all of these are going to downward".

Friends, How you felt today's article - This 10 lowest gravity places On earth that you should know. How you felt the mystery spot explanationIn all of these mysterious spots, who mysterious spot you will like. Let's know commenting below. ta-da!

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