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Hi, friends welcome to our website You have to undoubtedly use of Facebook. Who will be such a person in the world, that will not hear about it? About of Facebook, there are also such things that you will not be probably known.

Well, it's a lot of talks now, we know This 10 Fact Of Facebook.

10. Who is the first "face" on Facebook?


Photo of Al Pacino was been the first of all upload at Facebook
Al Pacino is an actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter.

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and his class fellow and friend MC Collum had use of an image of Actor Al Pacino in designing a logo of Facebook. This image was taken from the Internet.

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9. Who more runs Facebook male and female?


You have to don't know that female has more profile compare to boys in the world.

The girl has run more the f.b. comparison to boys.

In the whole world, female users reckoning has 53% and their expectations male users reckoning has only 47%.
This report shows that female runs more it.

Approximate users (include male and female) is there of more than 155 friends on facebook.

8. Why is facebook color blue?

Are you know that why is it the primary color of blue?
Why did Zuckerberg not use of attractive color like as red and green in it?

Zuckerberg was blindness of red and green colors.
In an interview, he said to reporter Antonio Vargas that "Blue Colour is a Richest for Me".
Hence Zuckerberg wants to watch everything of blue color.

Zuckerberg believes that blue color is being apparent of safety and belief.

This is why that Zuckerberg has designed of Facebook from blue color.

7. How many uploading photos in one day at Facebook?

You often upload photos at f.b.
Are you know that how many photos upload in one day at f.b.?

Every day more than 350 million photos are uploaded in f.b.
Whenever you open Facebook, so have to see many photos.

More than 243,000 photos uploading in every 1 minute and more than 4000 photos uploading in every 1 second, Whether it is day or night.

Other than this every day in it upload more than 54 million statuses.

6. Are you know that Facebook has saved how much data of users?


Facebook has saved more than to 300 million gigabytes data of users.

All these data has saved very well techniques.

In this data is saved our users photo, status, messages and other personal information.

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5. What happens in every 30 minutes at facebook?

You have to amaze after see so much number of send friend request, and messages in every 30 minutes.

Every time be day or night at every 30 minutes more than 1.5 million links are shared.
It links is shared by the readers or website author.
In any new website, it can best source bring to be visitors.

Other than this, in every 30 minutes send more than 30 million friends request and more than 30 million messages.

4. How many will be the install apps by the Facebook?

In 2013, know a survey of the United States that mobile users spend 68% time running mobile apps on the mobile device. 

In 2013, more than 145 million apps had been install in users mobile by the approximate 8400 app advertiser.

In 2013, very less advertiser had done the install so much app in mobile of people.

3. Who was first investor of Facebook

Paypal was the first company who invested in Facebook.
Paypal Co-founder is Peter Theil.

Theil was impressed to after seeing it, they make mind to invest in it, after which, in 2004 they invested of $ 500,000 in newly created site.

It probably reached a top position by the Theil investment. In the initial times, anyone investor did not know that it will even so above. But Theil was previously known of talent of Facebook.

2. How much are small businesses running on Facebook?

More than 40 billions small businesses have been run by the Facebook.

The small businesses running even by made page, Number of their businesses has more than 40 billion.

The hotels, restaurant, blog and many other businesses are being controlled by the help of it.

Nowadays the politicals draw own side of the public by its help.
Many actors have been debatable by the Facebook.

1. The most advertiser has active in Facebook at the world.

It is counted one from the most advertising company in the world.

It has complete income through the only advertisement. There was a time that Mark Zuckerberg had the richest person of seventh place in the world. The advertisement of Facebook is continued by the visitors. Therefore it earning money with the help of only users (we).

Apart from this, there are more things about it that you do not know
The most users are at least 150 friends. Every day the people spend time 20 billion minutes on its. 

The users more than 50% log in every day. U.s. has at the forefront in the case of use of f.b.

In u.s. more than 128 million users are doing the daily login. 

The average users have spent time more than 13.5 minutes in every day at f.b.

Facebook had like button after the awesome button.
It is increasing 8 people in 1 second and every 10-minute increasing 4830 people.

Facebook has earned $5.85 from every user of u.s. and Canada.
Facebook on doing post update in since 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. gets 88% more attractive compared to general posts.

What facts do you like about Facebook? Have you like today's Article - "Do You Know This 10 Fact Of Facebook".
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